Simply Giving & Our QRC Code app
PWC is working with Vanco Payment Solutions so that making a donation to the church is even easier! If you would like to give your offerings electronically on a regular basis, please check into “Simply Giving”. There is information on the wall near the Information Center that will explain how you can sign up for this giving opportunity. Or use the QRC app, download the app to your mobile device, then login through our website to establish an account. After your account is established you can use the QRC app to do your giving as often as you would like! 
Or you can use this direct link:  Vanco Payments
Offering Envelopes
If you would like offering envelopes please let the church office know, These personalized envelopes are mailed to you directly on a quarterly basis. There is an envelope for each week for check or cash offerings and tithes. This is free service we provide.