About Peace With Christ Lutheran Church

Peace with Christ Lutheran Church was established in Southeast Aurora in 1982, following the command to make disciples of all nations.  We have a passion to help people grow in their relationship with God and in their relationships with people inside and outside of church.  Our desire is to see each individual grow in their relationship with God by living in Grace, loving God and making disciples.
PWC offers many opportunities to meet your needs and a chance for you to grow spiritually at your own pace. PWC offers traditional and contemporary worship services each weekend. You will be empowered to grow into a closer relationship with Christ through inspirational worship. At the same time, you will hear relevant messages that apply to your life! The music enhances our worship and other events. The music ministry also gives people (adults and children) with these gifts and talents an opportunity to develop them and use them to God’s glory.
Our discipleship process has five key pillars.  These pillars work together to help us live our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.
In worship our Lord meets us in Word and Sacraments.  He offers us His undeserved grace and mercy when we meet Him in worship.  Our response is to honor and glorify Him for His wonderful gifts of grace.  We are encouraged not to give up the practice of meeting together with other believers.  Worship is the first key component to the discipleship process.
Worship services take place at Peace With Christ on Saturday nights at 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. & 10:10 a.m.
Our Lord loves us deeply and wants to see us grow in our faith walk.  He has given us His Word in the Bible which we read, study, memorize and meditate on.  His Word lights our way as we move through life.  Growing in our knowledge and love of the Lord is important for every disciple.  Small Groups, Sunday morning Bible class and special event classes are offered throughout the year and are easy to join.  
Our Lord entered our world, kept the Law for us, suffered and died for our sins and rose from the dead.  The victory opened the way for us to live in a daily relationship with Him in which He richly blesses us.  As we grow in that relationship it is also important to grow in relationship with one another.  Our Lord created the church (His body of believers on earth) to be a place where we love, care and forgive one another.  We believe this is best carried out in small groups where we meet regularly to support and encourage one another.  Small groups, women’s groups, men’s groups and ministry for young adults and students are great places to begin building relationships. 
As we experience God’s free grace we want to share this Good News with others so that they too might receive the rich blessings He offers.  We receive God’s goodness as a free gift and so we want to serve others.  We seek to reach out in love to the poor, the needy, the widow, and the orphan. Monthly food truck, food closet, mission trips and special projects are great ways to serve a community in need. 
Following Jesus is not something we do behind the walls of the church.  Our Lord wants us to live out our faith every day in everything we do.  As a follower of Jesus we pray that our life will shine brightly in a dark world.  We pray that our actions prove the truth of what our mouths profess.
Every follower of Jesus is at a different point on this path of discipleship.  Some of us are just beginning to discover who Jesus is and what He offers us.  Others are long term veterans who have been following Christ for many years.  The point is not where you are right now but the direction you are heading.  As we worship, grow, relate, serve and live it out we will be used by God to fulfill His purpose for our lives.