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Maundy Thursday

Passover Seder Celebration Online

at 7pm

See the information below for how you can join in with us!

Seder is a Jewish festival that Jesus would have celebrated with his disciples. They celebrated God’s salvation and deliverance from Egypt.    Jesus made the Passover even more significant when he said take and eat, take and drink, this is my body, this is my blood, shed for the forgiveness of your sins.  Christ through the blood he shed delivers us from sin, death and the devil. We believe that by celebrating Seder with us you will have a better understanding of what Communion is and what Christ’s sacrifice is. 

Join to watch the service or if you wish you can make yourself a meal and follow along with us. 

Seder Liturgy  We will not be able to project the words like we normally do.  


Recipes and Shopping List if you wish to cook a traditional Seder.  If you decide to simply substitute other things that you have in the house that would be fine.  

Recipes/Shopping List

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