UPDATE: 4/29/21

At Peace with Christ we desire to have a safe place to worship and strive to do that in a loving way.  During the pandemic our Government put a priority on keeping our society safe from the virus.  We have done our best to follow that. We also understand that the virus is not the only threat as we as humans are physical, mental and spiritual beings.  So while the virus does still exist we have a strong belief that we need to be back face to face with our PWC community as soon as possible without barriers for our mental and spiritual health. 


We are looking at a few things that give us optimism. We may be able to gather closer to how we did pre-pandemic.  First, the restrictions and recommendations are becoming less restrictive.  Secondly, the vaccination rate is going up and all adults are eligible to receive the vaccine now.  Not everyone will decide to take it, a choice that gets to be made on an individual basis but every adult has that option.   


Because of the option of receiving a vaccine and the loosening of the COVID restrictions we are going to be changing some things for the 8 and 9:30 worship in May.    *Please note that no changes in our safe environment will be made for the 11am worship at this time. 

  • Starting MAY 16th —  sign ups will go away. (The 8 and 11 are not filling up so we do not at this time have to worry about overfilling.  If that changes we will reintroduce sign ups at 11) 
  • Starting MAY 16th at 9:30 worship — we will be changing the seating to allow us to have room for every one who desires to attend the 9:30 worship.  We will have half the church set up in social distancing seating and half the church set up without social distancing seating.  If you want to sit socially distanced then we encourage you to show up 15 minutes early for your best chance to have your choice.    
  • Starting MAY 30th (Tentatively) at 8 and 930  —  masks will be 100 percent optional in the building.   At the 8am service if you wish not to cross paths with people without masks you can enter in the east side doors as we will keep the mask required zone there.  
  • Also Starting May 30th (Tentatively) masks will be optional in the building during the week.  We are waiting until school is out to make that move.   If you for any reason desire that staff meeting with you are masked you are encouraged to ask for that or simply wear your mask and we will follow your lead.  

Again we are making this move because human interaction is incredibly important. If this is concerning to you we invite you to the 11am service where we will not be making any changes.   At the 11am service masks will still be required while moving about in the building and there will continue to be a mask required zone.   *If you do happen to be around the building around the time of the 11am service please be respectful to others by wearing a mask.  


We want you to be back in person for worship as soon as you can be.  If there is a change that we can make to the 11am safety precautions that would enable you to be back in person with us please let Pastor Josh know and we will attempt to make some changes. 


I would ask that no matter how you view masks that you continue to strive to be loving with each other.  At times that may mean wearing a mask when you would rather not, or vise versa.  Whenever I walk into church my thought should always be how do I love those around me.  This is true every Sunday and is true as we walk this COVID situation.  


I understand we all have different opinions on how we as a church should respond in these odd times.  Thanks for your prayers and support as we try to walk this and keep our focus on Jesus who unites us despite our differences.  


Pastor Josh

We will now have two options for worship:

  • In-Building – Please read below if you plan to attend. 
  • Virtual – Facebook and YouTube. Email the office if you need help with this . We will begin offering communion once a month in a drive through fashion.

Please sign up each week to reserve your spot at worship. This is imperative to properly social distance and keep everyone safe. Sign-Ups will end May 16th.

During the early stages of reopening, worship will look different. Here is what you can expect at Peace with Christ as you join us for in-person worship:

  • For the safety of ourselves and others, all staff and volunteers will be in masks with the exception of those who are on the worship platform. Those preparing and serving communion will also be wearing gloves.
  • Please follow the parking directions and parking attendants.
  • Please maintain social distancing upon entering and exiting the building.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located at the building entrance and everyone entering and exiting will use it. A host will guide you in and out of the building.
  • Seating in the Sanctuary will follow social distancing guidelines to keep yourself and others safe. 
  • We will not be handing out bulletins. All hymnals, papers, pens, and children’s bags have been removed from both the Sanctuary and the lobby to prevent items from being touched by numerous people.
  • At this time, there will be no Nursery OR Sunday School.
  • The offering plates will be available upon leaving and entering the worship space.
  • If you or a member of your household are not feeling well, are sick, running a fever, coughing, or sneezing, we ask that you please stay home and join us for worship online.
  • We are encouraging those with pre-existing health conditions, and those over 65 to consider joining us for online worship during the early stages of re-opening.
  • We recommend the wearing of masks, and the governor is mandating it.
  • Please limit greeting those around you to a verbal greeting and a distant wave to those further away.
  • We ask that you respect social distancing guidelines from others at all times.
  • Please use the restroom before you come to church. We understand emergencies happen, but we are asking that restrooms be used for emergency purposes only. Please refrain from using the restrooms in non-emergency situations. If you must use them, please sanitize immediately, by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • We understand there are a lot of restrictions and guidelines to keep in mind. By following these, we are able, in good conscience, to join together for in-person worship.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, your patience and understanding as we face this pandemic together in faith rather than fear.
If you have any questions, please contact

In Christ,
Pastor Josh and the Peace With Christ Staff