UPDATE: 5/19/21

Changes to our Practices for service. 

At Peace with Christ we desire to have a safe place to worship and strive to do that in a loving way. Yet, Can I just say that I am so done with talking about masks and social distance?   I want things to be back to normal now.  It was so good to see so many of your faces in Church on Sunday.  God created us to need other humans and I believe that the best thing socially and spiritually is for us to begin to hug, shake hands and see faces. If COVID has taught us anything it has taught us how much we need each other.    

I want to balance that with my other goal of wanting all of our community back in person for worship.  I don’t know all of your reasons for staying home but if there is something I can do please let me know because our church is not the same without you.  If you are concerned about the virus please consider going to 11am. 

Here are the practices for our services.

  • No more worship sign ups.  The 9:30 worship is more full on a regular basis but the 8 and 11 easily allow for social distance.   
  • 9:30 worship —  We will have half the church set up in social distancing seating and half the church set up without social distancing seating.  If you want to sit socially distanced then we encourage you to show up 15 minutes early for your best chance to have your choice.    
  • 8 and 9:30  —  masks will be 100 percent optional in the building even while moving and you can expect to see staff and volunteers without masks.  At the 8am service if you wish not to cross paths with people without masks you can enter through the east side doors as we will keep the mask required zone on that side of the building.  
  • 11am — For the time being we are going to try to keep this service as our COVID cautious service.  If you decide to come to this service please wear a mask while moving in the building.  We will have one mask required zone and the rest of the building is mask optional once at your seat. Please help us love those who want to be in worship but are still cautious.   
  • Communion – Starting May 30 communion will be returning to normal. You will be ushered up the center of Ille and will receive bread and wine from, Pastor and a lay assistant. If you wish to choose to take commission a different way there will be prepackaged communion by the sound booth so that you can take those to your seat and receive.   

I understand we all have different opinions on how we as a church should respond in these odd times. Thanks for your prayers and support as we try to walk this and keep our focus on Jesus who unites us despite our differences.  


Pastor Josh