Life is Better Together

Life Groups are a place where people can share their lives with others and explore their faith together. In a group, you will be encouraged and challenged as you learn to apply your faith to everyday life. You will also have fun as you explore new things together!
We are committed to empowering men to be faithful followers of Jesus in their roles as students,  coworkers, husbands,  dads,  neighbors, and community leaders. 
  • Men’s Retreats
  • Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study (Sat.)
  • Men’s Leadership Circle
As we navigate life, our commitment is to unite women across generations, fostering supportive, Christ-centered relationships and uncovering meaningful ways for women to come together and thrive.
  • Women’s Retreats
  • The MomCo
  • Women’s Leadership Circle

At Peace With Christ  our goal is to connect parents, children, and students with the truth of God’s Word. We equip kids of all ages and at every stage of life to make a lasting impact in the world for Christ.


Parenting in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging. Our  priority is  to support  parents as they  impart the teachings of Jesus and raise the next generation.

  • Sunday Morning Study
  • The MomCo (formerly MOPS)
  • Marriage Support
  • New Baby Welcome
  • Baptism
  • Financial Peace University
Senior Connect is dedicated to meaningful fellowship while strengthening relationships with God and one another.
  • Senior Activities 
  • Grandma’s Prayer Group
  • Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study (Sat.)
  • Women’s Bible Study (Wed.)
Discover meaningful connections and deepen  faith regularly with Life Groups- a place where people share life together and while growing in their relationships with Jesus.
  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly
  • Small Group Size
  • Men’s, Women’s and Teen Groups
Connection Circle is a five week Small Group experience at Peace With Christ, twice a year. Apply faith to daily life, build relationships, pray together, and experience what small groups are about.
  • Twice A Year
  • Small Group Experience
  • COMING 2025





Wild at Heart

God designed men to seek out adventure. But, somewhere between childhood and the struggles of yesterday, most men lose sight of those dreams. Fear not: bestselling author and counselor John Eldredge is here to teach men that there’s a better way to live.


Parenting With Love and Logic

Designed for preschool and beyond, this helpful and practical psychology-based parenting method is an invaluable guide for all parents! Teach your children healthy responsibility and encourage their character growth from a young age. Learn to establish healthy boundaries with your children through easy-to-implement steps without anger, threats, nagging, or power struggles.

Parenting Teens With Love and Logic

From the authors of the bestselling Parenting with Love and Logic, this teen-specific resource empowers parents to raise responsible tweens, teens, and young adults without anger, nagging, or power struggles. Learn to set healthy boundaries, encourage important skills, and foster effective decision-making with empathy and grace.


Love & Respect

*We recommend this resource but don’t necessarily agree with what you will read in Section 3. The Bible never promises “Heavenly blessings” for struggles in a marriage. We believe the struggles in a marriage are a part of life and our call is to follow God and to live under His grace. Your reward in Heaven is 100% His grace.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

*Straightforward yet profound, these principles teach partners new approaches for resolving conflicts, creating new common ground, and achieving greater levels of intimacy. Gottman offers strategies and resources to help couples collaborate more effectively to resolve any problem, whether dealing with issues related to sex, money, religion, work, family, or anything else.
*The book does not come from a Christian perspective but is still helpful.

The Love Dare

Unconditional love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

And Baby Makes Three

Having a baby is a joyous experience, but even the best relationships are strained during the transition from duo to trio. In And Baby Makes Three, Love Lab™ experts John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman teach couples the skills needed to maintain healthy marriages, so partners can avoid the pitfalls of parenthood.
*The book does not come from a Christian perspective but is still helpful.