We are a faith community united by love. We are loved by Jesus. That makes PWC a place of love. We love those who are known and new in our community. Love is given and received in community. Love is not just a feeling but is how we treat people, how we invest in knowing people, and how we enjoy people. Love is unconditional and based solely on Christ’s love for all His people. We love in the midst of challenging circumstances and blessings. This love found in Jesus and experienced in community is the center of who PWC is. We seek to build each other up in knowledge and experience of that love.


Being equipped to Go, and Going to be Equipped. PWC is a place of love experienced from Jesus and others. Our call is to take that love we have in abundance out of this safe place and go share it. While it is simple in theory, it is not easy. Equipping takes place in the community and gives us the knowledge, confidence and experience to go. We want to equip PWC people to be intentional about who they are leading and who they are following. Equipping is grounded in the truth of God and the experiences of others lived out in life. We believe that equipping is an apprenticeship, not just a classroom. In order to learn to follow Jesus you must go from PWC and join Jesus and then come back to PWC to be loved and equipped. This is the weekly habit of a Jesus follower which God works through to equip us.


We do not go alone, as we join Jesus. Jesus’ command to all Christians is to “go and make disciples of all nations.” This means that He wants all people to know His love for them and be equipped to be a part of His mission. We share Jesus whenever we get a chance, yet we believe God has called us to share our faith with 1-3 people in a more personal way. We value people with unhurried time and Jesus does the hard work of creating faith. We go every week as we leave the love of PWC, to share that love and teach people about Him in our everyday lives. Jesus is with us every step of the way, and we seek, recognize and respond to what He is up to.