Small Groups are much more than simply a small group. Spiritual care and support of people take place in the Small Groups. Small Groups provide a place where you can build relationships with others and care for one another. Small Groups primarily meet in a home and include 4-16 people.
 What happens in a Small Group?
Sharing – You’ll get to know the other people in the group!
Studying – You’ll learn from God’s Word basic truths which will help you in your daily life.
Supporting – You’ll develop a support group where people will strengthen and encourage you.
Serving – You’ll have the opportunity to serve others through your Small Group!
Snacking – You’ll get to enjoy some good food at most of the group meetings.
FUN! – You’ll have fun sharing and growing with other people just like you!
Small Groups available now:
Small Groups are a ministry of Peace With Christ Lutheran Church. For more information contact: Pastor Josh at or 303-693-5618.